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A WISH LIST is an expression of optimism in future possibility, a moment of longing suffused with hope and courage. It is a thoughtful compilation of individual desires, born of a need for change, and the courage to believe in the possibility of an improved future state. A WISH LIST may be the first step in the construction of our futures.

A WISH LIST can pertain to a range of beneficiaries from oneself, family and friends, to larger social units such as communities and nation states. It can consider concepts and values such as social justice, racial and economic equality, and human and planetary survival. It can refer to specific domains such as science and technology, commerce, and the arts. It can also explore limitless worlds of the imagination.

Artists might consider old wish lists, wishes that have come true, those kept secret, those that have become deep unrequited longings, and those that have pushed personal boundaries or have changed over time due to external events or introspection. They might express new eager wishes, those that are humorous or seem shallow or even crass. This exhibit challenges artists to express their own wish lists: to plumb personal values, ideals, dreams, and quests to represent aspirations of all kinds, in any medium.

A gathering of WISH LISTS can be read as a sum of human desire in an ideal world, a courageous and optimistic composite of human longings. We eagerly anticipate the breadth of artistsí responses to this call. In the assemblage of your WISH LISTS, we believe that we might glimpse our collective future taking shape.

Wish List is curated by Gloria Pritschet and Rocco DePietro, founders and directors of Gallery Project. (Artists interested in this theme, should submit jpegs of artwork or concepts to us via e-mail:

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